What are Friends for…..

Field of Mustard - one of the Bach Flower Remedies

Field of Mustard Flowers

Here is one friend – Gorse, and next to it, is another:-

Gorse - Bach Flower Essences - Healing with Bach Flowers

All the Bach Essences are valuable friends, no- invaluable friends to me. However my Blog title refers to human friends above all. To acknowledge the wisdom words they kindly offer me, have offered me, along my self-aggrandising stubborn path. Well, sticky self-pity there, Julie! Enough already.
I have been through a bit of a rough patch recently. To myself I had spoken the words ‘ I feel defeated’. It was a strange confession to myself, as I would rarely if ever admit such despondent feelings. The mood had come by before – you all know, that if we live long enough it has to be tasted in some form, but these times were not for sharing in public, not even to close friends. I am too proud to admit this, and when in company my mood raises to be there for them or to take things lightly – life is fun, bearable – we’ll find a way through…
Anyway – bottom line I felt ashamed to admit that I felt this low. I DID admit it to Becky a friend 6,000 miles away; we Skype regularly and the Remedies always come into our chats. It really helped to say it out loud. It did change my perspective, and spurred me on to move out of that trap.
Now I am out of it, feeling and enjoying the sunlight again, I reckon I can share this with you and it won’t bring you down. See, I believe in happy endings, like in story books.

So these wonderful friends of mine. They make suggestions. One, from another good friend, Faith, was – write a blog every day Julie. Just write these things down when you get insights – share them. They are inspirational: it will make you feel useful too.

That happened, then!
But delayed or not here is the resultant blog.
Firstly, the two Flower remedy pictures above are Mustard and Gorse. These vibrant yellow flowers, so humble and widespread in our countryside assist us with healing messages in our darkest times. Not full descriptions but they are where I was – stuck in my low resigned place of feeling hopeless. Just couldn’t shift it and accepting that was it!
Alright, I can see now that from how the shift lifted, I was also playing my Wild Rose card – just not being bothered/ almost comfortably miserable -ouch.

So now, this Blog is supposed to share with you the mentioned insight. I was talking on Skype with Becky, over a month ago now. and we were discussing someone we both know and here is the picture that came to mind. It involves aspects of 3 Remedies (at least we can get the idea from them).

Cerato in flower.

We have the beautiful blue Cerato flowers that give the message of trusting our own wisdom, not being too influenced by others’ ideas and opinions. When we are strongly in Cerato energy and it gets imbalanced we bend ourselves to be acceptable to others, people-pleasers, very affected by what people think of us.

Another version or aspect of how we want to feel loved and accepted comes from the energy of Chicory essence.

Chicory energy covers a vast array of aspects of Love – giving, receiving, witholding, clinging, the highs, passions, the lows, loving and being loved. When we feel needy and insecure there are circumstances where we will do anything to get the compliment, the smile, the kind word that means approval.

Heather heathland.

The third remedy for this consideration is Heather. This picture of Heather in flower in the landscape gives a natural feeling of connection to the land,satisfying, grounded and simply ‘Being’. Our Heather energy balance is just that – happy in our own skin – no worries. But when we feel lost and disconnected – often quite unconsciously – we seek to connect through other means, outside ourselves. We get needy and often demanding, and the need is so hard to satisfy.

And so Becky and I were discussing how our friend was handling his work situation, where these three qualities in him work both for him and against him. He works in a service industry. He is amiable to all, works diligently giving 110%, performing his job well. What showed up was how for him, the world around him – how people responded to him in particular was like a mirror reflection that he tends to use to evaluate himself. He needs the positive responses to prop his own self-worth, or he can get down.
A mirror is only two-dimensional, so that reflection of ever-changing images around us is insubstantial. We cannot rely on these impressions to be content. That feeling comes from the inside first.
That was the picture. Of course we can apply it to many other experiences we encounter in our lives.
I hope this helps to value how you feel inside, trust your self – give yourself a little more love and fewer reprimands!

Have a nice day!
Always happy to hear back from you on any of this. J.