The Approach

Rock Rose - An original Illustration from my book; Artist, Fiona Williams

Rock Rose – An original Illustration from my book; Artist, Fiona Williams

The Approach used here at ‘Healing with Bach Flowers’ is a little radical. On the Home page I have highlighted a few pointers that might be of interest and here some of the main principles of my teaching approach, perhaps highlighting where it might differ from others. I hope this whets your appetite for more!


With a set of Bach flower Remedies available, you are the one who holds the tools in your hands:- for change, for experimenting with that possibility and to take charge in your life. You might have believed there was nothing that could be done. The truth is that the only person that we have responsibility for in this life is ourselves, so, if we are looking for change in our lives this is where we can begin. Of course we can all go through wanting to fix the world rather than taking responsibility for ourselves. We usually, eventually, learn that this is not possible, nor always appropriate. Rather, the possibility to be able to work on shifting certain things about ourselves is in itself, empowering. This could include looking at areas we had never focused on before, or that we believed we could never change.


Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Yes, first read and learn from others, but nothing beats personal experience for understanding- a simple but liberating shift of perspective. I give pointers and ideas from what I was taught, my own experience and insights, trusting that you will take on your own inspiration and understanding to go forwards. We can inform ourselves continuously about these natural energies, that have many facets to aid healing in our life and for those we care for. They are only limited by our ability to understand them and our imagination for their use. The Bach Remedies are benign, ready and willing, to serve. The term ‘non-prescriptive’ means not enclosing these vibrations within the limitation of a fixed description of the message of each remedy and thus their potential to assist us. This would be a version of what is termed ‘thinking outside the box!’


My understanding is that we ‘are’ all of these Remedies. That is to say, we have all of these energies vibrating within our feeling nature. ( I refer to ‘feeling-nature’ to cover the subtle complexity of how we operate innately as human beings; aiming to describe the combining of emotion, mental process, intuitive gut reaction, with the patterning of our beliefs and experience.)

That is why we can tune in to the Remedies, and each other and is how we can intuit what is required in another person, creature, plant or space that is not us, but part of the whole that we are. We only need to use them or recognise their message when they are out of balance within us, resulting in some upset, ailment or dis-ease.

The idea of mentioning their inclusiveness is that, through our acknowledgement of everyone having a feeling nature in common, notwithstanding our uniqueness, we should try not to exclude any possibility of thought within ourselves and any consequent action. In this way, we can more readily observe what is going on for someone with some compassion, and without judgement, that would tend to separate us from true understanding. This takes courage and a degree of detachment to be clear. [WARNING: Please prepare yourself for such consideration of another, by doing your own self-protection routine and refrain altogether if you are feeling weak or imbalanced yourself.]

To do with Feeling

Most of us take a period of experimentation with this understanding as we recognise within ourselves the signals of our senses that we can rely on, when something ‘feels right’ to us. It could just sit well with us, without our being able, necessarily, to reason logically. Something feels clear and true – like it just ‘is’….this is part of the difficulty of explaining something that is beyond words! However I am willing to be considered crazy in pursuit of this principle. We gain freedom in our choices allowing both sides of our brain to inform us; both intelligence of reason, knowledge, and logic alongside that of the creative, intuitive and inspired.

Fresh Start

There are no combinations within the Bach Remedy set except the 5 Flower combination of Dr Bach’s ‘Rescue Remedy’ so on each occasion when we look to the Remedies for help we allow a ‘clean sheet’ for each Client and situation to give us the information we need to prescribe for the best outcome. Of course several Remedies will spring to mind immediately to be checked out, but the fresh start approach allows for any Remedy to be used with any other in combination. There are no Remedies that conflict in their vibration and message. We usually find certain favourite combinations of Remedies ourselves which can be a useful short-cut; just be aware that our minds do like to jump into sure tracks of reliability. This could result in us getting into a fixed groove of repetitious thinking- trains of thought that are not bad but could restrict us. It is preferable to give each person an opportunity to give us his or her story.
There seems a lot to take in at first but the Remedies soon become friends and so ease of use and combining follows. Also, you do not have to tackle everything at once! Keep it as simple as you can and deal with a few issues that are ‘top of the heap’, and note other matters for another opportunity. There are often times when such secondary issues have magically sorted themselves out in the meanwhile! Naturally, or with the help of the Remedies balancing healing effects. If you need a short-cut, several manufacturers of Essences now offer ranges of combination Remedies to help with issues many of us deal with regularly, to grab and go!