Teaching Bach Flower Remedies

It has been my privilege to teach about the Remedies for fifteen years now. Because Nickie Murray was my mother I have a rare degree of intimacy with The Bach Centre (as it was) and the history and growth of the Bach Remedies. This long connection means I can draw on anecdotal information that is not written down anywhere, it just comes up spontaneously where a point might need clarifying or to share an experience of profundity or amusement, or both. This means all my workshops will differ, which helps to keep things fresh whilst giving you an authentic and thorough teaching every time.

Bach Remedies play their part in the world with sensitivity and so too does the process of learning and sharing with them. I am no performing circus animal but my love and commitment to Bach Remedies and what they offer us in our lives makes me an enthusiastic communicator. Friends joke that I could talk about the Remedies for six months and not run out of things to say. This is probably true, but you can be assured I keep taking my Remedies so I know when I’m done!

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