Seasonal Remedies – 1

Ideas and inspiration can be taken from the changing light, temperatures, colours, energies and moods as Nature takes her course year on year.
This reliable and certain pulse and rhythm is a consistent backdrop for everyone. All the living beings on the planet are affected by this pattern unfolding.
A way to think outside the box a little – lateral thinking. Because the Bach Essences have qualities like beings as we get to know them better- like friends- we can play a little, be creative in how we consider them and their responses. This is no slight to the serious, life-changing assistance they can give on our road in life but counters the mind’s tendency to fit things into compartments which, though safe, can limit us. Life is full of wonderful things that will not be pushed into a box…and I admit that includes ‘me’. Enough of the prologue!
We are at the turn of the year- winter is full on, approaching spring. (please forgive me, friends in the Antipodes!) Nature’s colours are most muted and dull now. There is less movement as many trees and plants have no leaves or are hidden potential beneath the soil. However tips of grey and green, yellow and purple appear, to give promises of the rebirth, warmth and expansion to come.
Cherry Plum - Bach Flower Essences - Healing with Bach Flowers Cherry Plum, Aspen and Elm happen to be the first of the Bach Essence plants/trees to flower in the year. If you are affected by the length, the dark, the inwardness, hibernating, stifling indoors, chill, damp, gloom of winter, you may long for it to end…
Cherry Plum (pictured above) can equal feeling that something’s got to give, you’re going to lose it and won’t be responsible for the consequences, edgy, tense, just about holding together. The dam may burst, or it may not but we feel as if it might, at any moment. Anxiety about something that we know might never happen, but we can’t shake off the fear and tension. These are mood pictures. When we are cool it seems laughable – all that worry, all the ‘what ifs’. Cherry Plum’s energy message, like a healing balm to the fevered brow, is to let life flow and in that trusting attitude we relax the tension and things are less likely to ‘go wrong’. Maybe, the attitude of the judo master would help understand the wisdom of balance here.
Aspen (pictured below) tackles unknown fears, a range of disquieting feelings that occur, often without an obvious reason. From feeling vulnerable and exposed to spooked, or nightmarish dark dread, maybe feeling threatened but hard to identify –by what or why. Aspen is so helpful to have for children where they may feel very intensely but have no ability to express what upsets them. Remember these essences are not harmful and if not needed are disregarded by the body and mind. For any of us, when the need arises Aspen assists our being with protection with subtle elemental psychic or other unseen forces that may be too much for us.Aspen - Bach Flower Essences - Healing with Bach Flowers Elm (picture of elm tree’s tall silhouette below) has a clear job description. The Elm essence helps with any feelings of overwhelm. From the weather, the workload, the environment, relationships, all there is to do- however that feeling comes at us. It just helps us back into our balanced strength and perspective so we can find space to be ourselves once more and function happily. It could be that a period of rest and down-time is part of the recovery of balance, since admitting to this overloaded feeling often comes after seriously over-doing things, coping, managing up to the limit. Please understand that this ‘condition’ makes outsiders incredulous that you are still standing, and inside, you always feel you could have done more, you ‘should’ be able to manage. So, realistically, this is an opportunity to show some kindness to yourself.
Elm - Bach Flower Essences - Healing with Bach Flowers Gorse, the prickly tough bush with intense yellow flowers (pictured below) that have been shining in the darkness since mid-winter, offering us the message of light at the end of the tunnel. When life is at a low ebb the glimmer of hope to pull us through and re-energise us. Never give up hope, for there is always change in life and so philosophical but true – all this will pass and all is well, in the big picture. Anyway, if you feel you are at the bottom of the barrel you can ask help from Gorse to inspire the upward turn of the spiral.
Gorse - Bach Flower Essences - Healing with Bach FlowersMustard is a really moody essence and a timely one.(Its warm yellow flowers pictured below) For this time of year it can help when damp and chill have penetrated your bones, and you are being really affected by the grey weather or endless rain, mist, ice. Mustard is hot (think of the spice) and can help us to shift seemingly stuck moods and situations, both internal and in our external circumstances. Moving on…
Mustard - Bach Flower Essences - Healing with Bach FlowersTo be continued/JM. Let me know if you are enjoying this. ? 1/2/16