Chicory Flower, one of the Bach Flower 12 Healers

Chicory, one of the Bach Remedy 12 Healers.

I am always available for Personal Consultations with the Bach Remedies. Sometimes we all need to talk through issues in private. The confidentiality of a personal consultation has a value. Whether it is face to face Consultations, or remotely it is quite possible to create the ‘sacred space’ required.  You can contact me to organise On-line e.mail or a Skype call, or a telephone call.

We can set up our means of communicating to begin and agree what we want to do. We can do a mixture of emails and calls; I am happy to be flexible to suit your needs.

Usually I will have the call with you, and then let the information sift through. I will write to you within 24 hours on which Remedies to take in the mix and ideas on why. With e-mail exchanges obviously, this happens anyway. There is an extra charge if I am sending you the Remedies as well. If you do not have the Set of Remedies yourself I am happy to make them up for you and send them in the post, which can take 2 to 10 days depending on where you live. If we decide Sprays or Creams are required we will set up a one-off charge at the time.

The cost of a one-off consultation is £20; a one-off consultation with treatment bottle is £25 inc. P&P (UK postage only).  Follow on consultations requiring repeat treatment bottle, £12.50 + P&P. Follow-ons treatment bottles to include more consultation, £15.00 + P&P. Further consultations on different issues are charged at the hourly rate of £20; I am willing to run the hour in parts, though my charge is for a minimum of one hour.

(Ask me for details for Bank Transfer which can save money, or for Hardship/ Child/ Pet/ Family Reductions.)

New Payment buttons below for EXAM STUDENT Consultations

For students who need some help to get through their exams to the best of their ability, to reduce anxiety, stress and fears, to help concentration, focus, getting down to it, to help with sleep issues, outbreaks, whatever…

Be in touch. Call me, email me and I will respond as soon as possible. I don’t have to see you – just need a short chat about what is going on for you right now. The help the Remedies offer works with you as an individual – change can happen really fast.

You will see the lower prices below are offered because I want to help you succeed. You can pay by any method mentioned here. (Direct transfers, less £1.00 = £15, or £30 for two people/bottles) Prices include 1st class P&P within UK.

Payment buttons below for consultations with Julie

– Please note prices quoted are in POUNDS STERLING

One-off consultation – £21.00

One-off consultation with treatment bottle – £26.00

Repeat Treatment bottle + P&P – £18

Follow-up Treatment bottle + P&P – £20

One-off EXAM consultation with treatment bottle for students – £16.00

Student Consultations with 2 treatment bottles – £31.00