Mastering the ‘Art of Prescribing’ with the Bach Remedies

Field of Mustard - one of the Bach Flower Remedies

Field of Mustard Flowers

I have set up these topic-based Seminars to deepen the practical experience and widen the horizons on the use of the Bach Remedies. I hope this will be a useful means of expanding your existing experience with Bach Remedies or provide you with new tools to help with your therapeutic work, by exploring together our perspectives on important life challenges.

Many topics relating to everyday issues can and will be covered during the course of each Seminar. Each Seminar will be unique and different.
I have developed this idea of short Seminars in response to many of my students’ or Clients’ requests for more teaching, more learning. Initially I did not understand why they would want any more – after the intense course I have given, packed full of information, as well as the plentiful books and other materials available generally on the Bach Remedies.
With more reflection on how much there is to take in about this work, once we embark on the journey, I completely sympathise with the new-comer, that this quest for more learning also affirms a need for more time being immersed in talk or consideration of the healing work of Bach Remedies and their potential. It takes time to integrate oneself in this process and the freedom it offers, to gain more experience and thereby build the all-important confidence and trust in the Flower Essences, and with ourselves.

In principle, I will offer certain topics and ideas on prescribing for discussion, to start off a Seminar and invite YOU, as participants to bring your own particular concerns as well as skills to share and enrich the time we have. There is no necessity to have done early training through me to attend the Seminars but a basic knowledge of them and the ways of Bach system of healing would make such Seminars more useful to you and the Group.

Chicory, one of the Bach Flower Remedies


We will address life issues that come up taking the approach to each topic that would possibly be open to assistance from the Bach Flower Remedies. I anticipate inviting participants to offer some ideas on other healing modalities that might join in to assist a holistic healing journey.
The list of topics is open-ended, but here are some we can look at to include:-

Abundance, Acceptance, Addictions, Allergies, Anger, Anxiety
– and that is just the letter ‘A’!

Bed-wetting, Career Choice, Competition, Concentration, Confidence Issues, Coping Strategies, Depression, Despair, Fears, Focus, Grief, Growth of all kinds, Guilt, Hope, Insecurity, Inspiration, Libido, Loneliness, Lost feelings, Love Issues, Mood-swings, Motivation, Nightmares, Obsessions, Panic Attacks, Regret, Relationships, Resentment, Separation feelings, Sleep issues. Success, Travel-Sickness.

From the above list, it is clear, this is a Moveable Feast of an idea, so I feel sure we will develop a creative structure as we go.

Seminars will be available over week-ends, or as half- day or day events.

Julie Murray: Healing with Bach Flowers

For more information on any of the above, please contact me, I’d love to hear from you!