Learning Bach Flower Remedies on the Internet

Well Spring Water - Healing with Bach Flowers

Well Spring Water – Healing with Bach Flowers

New technologies help us communicate with more ease across the world!

We can now do group video conferencing which is not too expensive or complicated to set up, provided your computer is reasonably modern. Alongside material I will email and/or post to you, we can run a course covering the subject in full, but divided differently to suit this form of teaching. I propose that an hour at a time is sufficient to digest the information. Therefore the way we run can be different. Group size – small; 4-8 people.

I will set up the information so we run a series of sessions to cover complete sections of the course. In this way you can take the course at your own pace, a section at a time.

More details to follow in internet based learning, in the meantime please contact me to register your interest in this idea.