Learning Bach Flower Remedies, individually or in groups – on Line

Well Spring Water - Healing with Bach Flowers

Well Spring Water – Healing with Bach Flowers

New technology can help us communicate with more ease across the world:-
We know now that group video conferencing works very well for many aspects of learning and communication. The Covid 19 pandemic has made many realise life can be run differently and there are changes that can benefit their way of life. This is not to belittle in any way the loss and suffering of so many thousands of families worldwide, more to encompass positive aspects of the challenges many of us have faced. If you have a stable internet connection with enough juice to power Zoom on your phone laptop or other device it is remarkably easy to achieve.
I can provide written material, illustrations and references by email, as needs be, as the courses run. One of the advantages of using me is that I can be flexible to suit your particular Quest.
I am confident that if we feel well-suited to each other, we can work as friends in a workshop style rather than some kind of series of lectures. The best size of group is small; 4-10 people, when we work in depth, but I am sure Introductory sessions offering choices of how to proceed can involve many more people. I would imagine up to 30 at any one time!
In this way you can take the course at your own pace, a section at a time.

More details to follow in internet based learning, in the meantime please contact me to register your interest in this idea.