IMPATIENS chat – Patience is a virtue, didn’t you know?

For this blog I just want to show you the photos and let that be it. I took the pictures, uploaded them – that was easy.
But, then that is a very ‘Impatiens’ attitude. My Mum used always to laugh at (a younger) me with my serving style at the table -“Get that down you!”. As context, I love food, I love making food for others but it is you tasting and eating the loveliness that mattered to me, not how it looked. I would just plonk it down on the table and be annoyed if you weren’t there ready to tuck in immediately. Often from the nature and quality of ingredients it did look appealing too but I cared not a jot. I have learned that I love the food to look attractive as well, now I am a grown up. (Well, the closest I am going to get).
My Impatiens haste and one-track-mindedness tempered by the Cerato and Beech qualities in my nature also, and in some ways Crab Apple too. These, as mentioned here would cover the aesthetics/delight with colours, textures, proportion, tableware and the detail and proper execution of the dishes.
first mobile pics 007
This post is about Impatiens, not my love of food – I digress.
I am writing as a ‘card-carrying’ member of the Impatiens clan; this vibration is one I continue to learn to balance in myself and how I act in the world. I believe we all have each of these Bach Flower vibrations within our energetic make-up, but some challenge us more than others – and this could be on occasion in our lives, or, on a regular basis!

Impatiens energy is a marvellous thing, of course. It is quick-thinking, focussed, creative, likes puzzle or problem solving, quick to assess, process, grasp, analyse. Often very mentally alert and active. When balanced, no one will explain a tricky route or the workings of a piece of equipment or be more diligent with care and detail than an Impatiens character but when we lose that balance there can be evident consequences – clumsy, brusque, tetchy, always late!etc.
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I have come to understand the Impatiens nature best through considering Timing, and how we as individuals relate to or deal with it. Time is a dimension with a kind of discipline or inevitability of its own, on one level, but also it has elasticity – dragging by, rushing or simply disappearing, depending on what we are doing, how we are feeling.
I reckon Impatiens people have a real difficulty living in the moment. The mind always rushing ahead, making lists in our heads – longer and longer… Restraining their desire to get on, to understand, to be done, to reach the goal is hard for us.

Impatiens is one of the central Twelve Healer Remedies, so not a surprise that this energy links with a very individual rhythm. A person ideally likes to go at his or her own pace, be that steady, slow or fast; the Impatiens independence will work alone rather than alter his or her individual timing for most everything – from decisions, projects, washing-up, chess moves, conversations.
The western world demonstrates many aspects of the Impatiens impetus in how it operates- speeding, traffic, fast-food, the throwaway culture, texts and emails over writing by hand. Not that these things are bad in themselves, but indicators to be conscious of within our environment which may help us when we feel stressed, that there is never enough time for anything…
Taking a some good deep breaths, out and in, consciously dropping those shoulders, relaxing the forehead, eating your meal or snack sitting down, setting out to do things on time – not too many, just what you can handle well, so you get the satisfaction of that. Being graceful in your life. Bringing back balanced Impatiens energy.

If any of what I mention resonates with issues in your life, and occasion arises when you cannot balance yourself the Impatiens Flower Essence is available to assist you back to your beautiful balanced self. 🙂 Julie x