Everything is Connected

I hope you, like me, already recognise and wonder at the magic and mystery in Nature. Here is a story of timing, connection and healing coming out of damage through the power of Love.
Last week, a very good friend of mine, who has had help from the Flower Remedies many times and has her own set, went through a dramatic, quite worrying time. She is having alterations to her house that includes a new Conservatory extension. This is a light-weight building, but the construction is too close to some big trees, so there had to be deep foundations dug, and several obstructive large roots had to be cut, from the largest tree – a Scots Pine. (This is the species of Pine used to prepare the Bach Remedy).
After getting over the shock of the large increase in cost of this part of the work, my friend was losing sleep over the tree possibly falling over a neighbour’s house, not wanting to lose the tree etc. We were both concerned about the damage and imbalance created for the tree.
She was staying with me while her house had no drainage, and of a sudden, she asked me for some Remedy help for herself. I asked, as I often do, ‘what kind of support would you like from them?’ She was feeling choked up suddenly, and she remembered that feeling from another time, when the Remedies had been particularly helpful to clear those horrible feelings. (I had helped select them, for as you know, it is sometimes hard to choose for yourself, particularly when it feels like a crisis.)
I was involved with the house and building too, helping with the project – drawings etc., and in thinking about that tree the night before this conversation, personally, I had wanted to say sorry to the tree, but felt I had to wait until I was near the tree again, later. I felt ashamed at my laughing with the builder, as he tried to hide the large pieces of root, exposed and cut, before the Building Inspector visited site. I mean – I love trees! What was I thinking?
Anyway, I set to, fetched clean dropper bottle, filled it with spring water, got my set out and used a pendulum to get the best result, as we were both emotionally involved here. I drop into my ‘job’ easily, centred and kind of detached, but asking for help too, for the highest good of all concerned.
I found the record of the mix I had given my friend, quite a time before; several of those Remedies came up for today, but not all. The new mix was a good one, and, interestingly, included Pine (think of the wounded Tree, and the Pine affirmations and job description – taking appropriate responsibility for things and feelings of guilt, taking blame…)
That the tree’s Essential vibration was there for her triggered my thought-link to the tree. Of course! We can give Flower remedies to the tree to help heal this situation. (Like many others, I have used remedies for healing the earth, plants and trees before). Making this connection sent a thrill through me, like when the plug finds the socket and electrical energy flows. Quickly the situation transformed into an opportunity for healing, instead of a tragedy and something to be frightened of.
I used the pendulum again, checking remedies could help and that I had a connection with the tree, and once the thought was in my head the pendulum was spinning nearly out of my hand! I wrote down a list, but when the last one came to mind, there was such a strong emotional connection I burst into tears, of recognition. The tree ‘spoke’ to me – in my head- it wanted to be acknowledged, and my recognising it’s being, already started the healing process.
Agrimony remedy is all about expressing your feelings, your truth and of course a tree does not have a voice. It was so touching.

My friend was delighted and reassured by this outcome and we set to to make up a bottle for the tree, asking questions on dosage and how to go about that. for this tree it was 3 drops of stock remedies, (so, 6 drops of the 5Flower) into the treatment bottle. That would be enough for 2-3 applications using a watering can over the open ground under the tree canopy, each evening. (on site later, the tree gave the connection feeling, where to water).

Remedies required for the Tree;
Five Flower – the Rescue Remedy

*You can see in the list, 5 Flower for the shock and disturbance, galvanising all the forces into focus for healing, Scleranthus to help with re- balancing (root damage), Chicory for its love connection with the home as protector, Walnut for the changes incurred from the building work, Pine for the principle of taking appropriate responsibility, Olive for accessing nutrition (new pathways for the roots), and last but not least, Agrimony for the voice of the beautiful tree – the connection made. [As a human being, I can only show my empathy in anthropological terms. I believe other forms of life can understand, because the feeling and energy of love translates.]
The tree also told me – in my head, like thought- that it was the protector of the house. It had been so for the previous owners, and was for my friend. It also represented the Elders, like her parents. My friend lives alone, has a very strong connection with the memory of her parents and family.This was a significant and reassuring message for her. My friend was happy for me to share this with you, as you may be inspired to try remedies with unusual situations, yourself.

The post-script of the story is that the tree is doing well, its energy looks much sharper. My friend is not so worried by its vulnerability anymore. We asked the tree how long we should continue to give it remedies, and it said every 3 days, until the ground is covered again. (Paths will be laid next week). It also reassured us not to worry, it had got the root problem covered!