Blog post

Hi there friends,
One introductory Blog entry made at the start of this month of May seems lost – I cannot find out the where or how to view it from this actual site.
The lovely Kate Wardman who designed and manages this site (as the capable whizz she is) is off in France or Italy, taking a much deserved break with friends so is unavailable to help her hapless friend here. Still…all the more reason to launch this determination of mine to promote my work and what I have to offer on the Internet.

I have been progressing with the Facebook training, albeit a few days behind the overall schedule.
Most of you will surely know by now how I joke of my persistent and on-going tendency to have a lot of ‘Impatiens’ in my nature. Well, that this is me, subliminally too is now confirmed. Yesterday I set up an Event page for a Summer Retreat I am running in August. (More detail on this very soon) The f/b training days come in daily to my Gmail inbox – this morning the title is “Create an Event”, so I am now ahead of the game, by accident!

There are two places I invite you to look very soon and pass on the information to friends you think might be interested: my Facebook page created specifically for Healing with Bach Flowers is now up and running – and from there please look at my new event for the Week-end Retreat in Sussex – 8-10 August.
I would appreciate your Liking the page or making any comments you feel relevant and useful. Any things or ideas for more content here or there are always welcome.

The Retreat week-end is employing my/our experience running White Mountain Retreat Centre in Crete rather than teaching about Bach Flower Remedies specifically since only a week-end was available – too short for the full course, but long enough for a retreat break, so other ideas came in. I will organise and manage it hold the space and hopefully bring it off to our excellent standards! And, Kate is cooking! And we have a full moon in Aquarius, and I hope we can do some star-bathing!…with a camp fire, and beautiful live music and song from Hanna Burchell, and more…

I will do a separate page for the Retreat week-end itself very soon
with love and light,