Blog on Remedies for Exams

Here are some practical suggestions for Exam preparation and the sitting of them for you and yours.
Many of them relate well to preparing for interviews also.

Stress and anxiety can be enormous around this time. Apparent crisis can affect us and influence our lives if we are not prepared. It feels momentous, do or die, so much riding on the results…
And yet, exams are a man-made short cut to assessing someone’s intelligence and capabilities and they are obviously quite blunt and limited tools and they do not work for everyone. The further up in education you go, the more likely the exam might demonstrate your true abilities, but hey! There they are.
You do not need a treatise from me, but TWO very useful bits of advice to give the candidates you know.
1)You absolutely know much more than you can ever communicate in an exam. You have to cram yourself into the mode of exam taking, just for a short while. Just go through it, get it done.
2)Make sure to read the question. Answer the question. This is very important. An examiner is not allowed to give you marks for knowledge which does not fall within the limits of ‘the answer’!

Some Flower Remedies that can help with Revision and Exam timetable:
5 Flower Remedy or the ‘Rescue’ Remedy has 5 Remedies combined to 1 and if nothing else is available take this.
Why? They all assist in bringing speedy focus.
Rock Rose- brings back panic or extreme fear or anxiety into calm balance. Stop sweating, keep breathing.
Impatiens- keeps our mind focussed in the now, poised and sharp on priorities. Not running away with itself.
Clematis- brings faculties into the present moment, in the room, grounding-helps memory retrieval!
Star of Bethlehem- is clarifying, aligning and alleviates any trauma from the event.
Cherry Plum- helps us to relax into what is presented and possible, rather than anticipating some ‘disaster’ and thereby helps us to locate what we know and function optimally.

Larch helps our confidence and ability to persist and to perform the best we can.
White Chestnut helps us stay focussed in our thought processes, order our minds and prioritise.
Cerato is to help us keep our minds and attention in what we are doing, whatever is going on around us, not to get distracted.
Elm for a feeling of being overwhelmed, usually temporary; helps to calm, prioritising, planning.

Additional maybes…
Mimulus if there is a lot of fear around the situation and outcomes that is undermining actual study or writing.
Red Chestnut if the person just worries about every thing – this drains energy that is needed for the actual task.
Chestnut Bud for true observation in learning – especially for re-sits.
Olive if the whole process or what has gone before leaves us feeling completely drained and exhausted.
Vervain if someone is over-wired, really tense, spinning on the spot; helps release the tension so the person can function well.
Hornbeam if there is a reluctance to get going, or feeling tired before we start. Helps bring attention and energy into the moment of action.

With Flower Remedies we select Remedies up to 8 maximum in a treatment bottle (2 drops of each diluted in spring water). The 5 Flower Remedy counts as one in a mix (4 drops added), so the essentials I have suggested are 5 in number.
If you wish me to make up a bottle for you and send it I can do this pretty fast. It will be cheaper than buying all the Remedies but you might like to have them anyway – in stock!

This is a freebee as far as the advice goes. For the bottle, an offer: to help you with success £15, including p&p in UK, for this summer.If you pay by Paypal please add £1.50.

Contact me for more advice or to order. This means I can add other Remedies you may feel are relevant for you.
OK. Let’s go!
Best wishes,