Bach Flowers Retreat Workshop in Greece

Entitled “Bach Flowers – Healing with Love” Workshop

View from a window at Kissos, GreeceOur workshop venue is the Kalikalos Holistic Centre in the Pelion area of Greece. The centre is located in the mountain village of Kissos, which has a magical quality of sacred place intertwined with the everyday life of a farming and tourist community, tavernas, cafes etc. Hard to believe it is real. The air is clear, the icy pure mountain water runs abundant from springs. There are giant venerable Plane trees providing a shady canopy over the ancient, fragile stone church and its terraces at the heart of the place. Streets are narrow, cobbled or stone-paved and most are steep, often rough to help animal traffic more than human.
It is simply a beautiful ambience and environment. I fell in love with it last year.

An Opportunity to Learn and Prepare Bach Flower Remedies

Preparing Chicory Bach Remedy in GreeceThere will be flowers from several of the Bach Remedy plants, we can prepare growing around. We have sun, we have space, we have water, we have brandy so essence preparation is one focus. Let’s celebrate the essence and beauty of Healing ourselves and others using Bach Flowers with the time we have together.
Their healing messages to us are always loving and supportive, so what better theme for a week in Greece?
Do join me.

Workshop cost and accommodation at Kissos

The cost will be a basic 450€ depending on the accommodation extras you choose for the week and includes the tuition and most meals. There is a communal feel to the centre and a few hours help is asked of you for this during the week. The day has an ordered routine most days, necessary to coordinate meals, with classes in the mornings, and daily trips to the beach in the afternoon following lunch. There is a communal evening meal and often an evening event option. You can find out a lot more from the Kalikalos web site. It is not a luxury venue, but Greece in summer is a simple luxury in itself, and this is very affordable so I hope you can get involved.

Single and en-suite accommodation options

The Centre has some good contacts with village places to stay (for your own room and bathroom, and short walk up to the centre). The Centre can organise this for you; a rented room or a Hotel room, both with en-suite bathroom with a supplement to the basic cost of €150 – €240 for extra privacy and comfort, which I would recommend; you pay the fee to Kalikalos for the shared accommodation plus a supplement and so that covers their expenses.

For details on accommodation and to book go to where you can find all the details for the Centre as well as locate this workshop. you can use the link: for more information about my one week Bach Flower’s workshop in Greece 16-23 June 2018.

What can the Bach Flower Remedies do for you?

My sister Wendy took this shot the other summer; informal like I prefer to be, on the warm evening sand in Crete, Greece…
Look forward to a good week together: learning sharing laughing – you never know what can turn up. Your personal issues can be aired if you wish, in group or privately. The Remedies do deal with feelings and emotions, so be prepared for that. Our course is entitled Bach Flowers – Healing with Love, and I want to celebrate with you their messages which are always loving and supportive to you as an individual – they have no other purpose.

Tools for positive change

We are talking about all aspects of the Bach Flower Remedies, Healing, Feeling the best we can be, Being the best we can be.
Bach Flower Remedies are Well-being tools for positive change. Before I launch off into my passion – leave that until we meet, let me just give you a sense of what we can work on with our time together.

Remedies Books bottles – the Tool kit

Here we have bits and pieces we use for the practical part of Bach Remedies. We will have the opportunity to try our selecting and using the Bach Remedies during our time together. Even over a few days, you may well feel a difference and at the very least you will have a wider perspective on how any quest for positive change and growth can be approached. Central to the work is the set of 38 Flower Remedies.

Olive, a Bach Flower Remedy, grows in Greece

And here, we have Olive flowers – one of the raw materials! There are many of Dr Bach’s plants and trees growing locally. I love connecting the potent drops in convenient bottles with the plant power of mother Nature that they are derived from. Feeling into the energies or vibrations of these wonderful tools are part of the magic of learning about them. My hope is these friends of mine will become friends of yours, too.

Change your life!

I leave you with an abstract image of well-spring water, bubbling up through the rocks from the darkness, into the light. The flow of life, the life force.
Please be in touch, if attending a workshop like this is of interest to you – in the UK.

It could well change your Life :)
You can contact me if you wish, about anything related to the work.

There will be plenty of information on the Bach Remedies and some products available during our week. You will get to make up some treatment bottles for yourself as well experiencing preparing a Flower Essence – hands on.

Kalikalos Retreat Centres, Greece.

Looking forward to it!
Julie x