Healing with Bach Flowers has grown out of a deep, loving regard for Dr Bach’s work and The Bach Flower Remedies he discovered and the healing system he set up using them. To consider their rightful position within the many supportive and positive treatments available to us, both in the field of Alternative or Complementary Medicine, and in the wider context of Integrated Medicine.
We see in the Healing processes of the Earth, wild creatures and plants, domesticated animals and crops, as well as with our human species that the ways of repair and healing are as complex as they are varied. There are many aspects of anyone’s healing journey that can vary greatly with the individual circumstances, and which can affect outcomes. Because Bach Flower Remedy treatment often touches on parts of who we are that are not normally addressed when treating illness I was drawn to broaden the concept of this approach to wellness.

My path to being with you here has included much talking, working, observing, learning, writing and teaching about the Bach Remedies. My stand-point regarding them and their part in the healing process grew out of love, enthusiasm and a passionate respect for them and what they can do! There are many wonderful things to discover in the world, and these natural essences are an aspect of that wonder. Strangely enough they can help us, even if we cannot recognise that wonder!

This site is centred around my work with the Flower Remedies, to introduce me and the approach I use and encourage their use for healing help, to understand the Remedies’ characters and ways, and towards empowerment for you and others. On this page there is some background information on me – Julie Murray and how I got to here.

Julie Murray - Healing with Bach FlowersI started this way of teaching about Bach Remedies in 1997. Life guided the way and landed me in front of 15 eager and experienced adult-students of Homeopathy and the job description was teaching ‘everything’ there was to know about Dr. Bach, his work, philosophy as well as inform them on Bach Remedies and then, also to talk about actually using them – all in 1 day! Practically, of course, this was an impossible task. It was an intense experience and only possible to attempt because many of these students had already been using Bach Remedies for a long time, privately and as part of their professional practice, so, in many ways we were not starting from scratch.

As the day progressed I found that information was coming – unexpectedly, and unbidden – through my mind and out of my mouth that was ‘new’ knowledge. Because I had the confidence of my background intimacy and experience around the Remedies and how they were understood thus far, I was aware of filtering the ideas on the way through my consciousness, recognising that this was taking the Flower Remedies to a different level of usefulness and accessibility.

It took encouragement from others wiser than myself, for me to step up to the plate, as they say and take this information further forward. Over the intervening years, and, not always alone on the journey, my confidence has increased with experience and gratitude for the potential and efficacy of these Healing Tools for change. And so quickly sometimes – that the resulting changes can just take your breath away!


Nickie Murray

My mother Nickie Murray was introduced to the Bach Remedies when I was about 10 years old; 1962. I got to know about them because they were in our lives as a family and was convinced personally of their power by an early experience with using the Rescue Remedy.

It was because of my mother’s renown and wealth of wisdom and experience with the Bach Remedies that I got asked to lead that workshop back in 1997. My mother had died earlier in the same year. She was a significant member of the Team that worked at the Bach Centre in the UK for more than 25 years. During the period I was growing up, I learned about the Bach Remedies in many aspects, simply by going along with my mother in holiday times and helping out with the then modest cottage industry.

Until my early 30’s I was involved in many ways with Bach Remedies including acting as one of the Trustees for The Healing Trust of Mount Vernon which was the home of Bach Remedies – still its historic home. Practically, I helped fill bottles, stick on labels, collect flowers and prepare the Essences, prepare medicines for patients and helped on many occasions on stands for the Bach Remedies at Exhibitions nationally for Mind, Body and Spirit, where we were asked frequently for diagnoses there and then and so many people walked off the stand, treatment bottle in hand, all in about 20 minutes! Due to other interests in my life, I had a break from focus on the remedies and reconnected about 10 years later. My mother asked me to be a Trustee of the Dr Edward Bach Memorial Trust she had formed on leaving the Bach Centre and the Work, so I got back into them from then on.

My career was as an Architect but I always was a little ambiguous about my goals. My love and interest in Healing and Nature, perhaps the disappointment with the heaviness of worldly materialism created conflict within me.

In spite of my wanderings, I got here in the end, and am happy to share what came forward to be recognised to do with these beautiful gifts from Mother Nature, prepared and informed so immaculately by the wise genius of Dr. Edward Bach who discovered them.

I was fortunate enough to have a family myself; two brilliant sons now all grown up – well, if they ever do… and my life took me to Crete, a magnificent island where I lived until last year. I now have settled in Sussex for the time being.

Well Spring Water - Healing with Bach Flowers

Well Spring Water – Healing with Bach Flowers

I ran a healing and retreat centre in Crete for 5 years called White Mountain, which was hard work, a privilege and gave me joy of fulfilment, all the pieces of ‘me’ coming together. Perhaps I will be able to do something similar again in the future – who knows?

The book I have written on the Remedies (Healing How You’re Feeling! -Bach Remedies for Life) mentioned earlier, records the approach I have been teaching. What happens, when you write down what has only been expressed out loud came as a real surprise to me! The reader cannot hear the voice intonations, nor read the body language so the words themselves must do more to convey the meaning accurately. This was particularly important for such a book because we are talking about energetic messages that is communication without words as well as via the words. Almost every sentence I had written initially had to be turned around to clarify what needed to be expressed! This makes sense in that it created more order and balance overall and this book is a reference book first and foremost, as well as a kind of workshop manual.
The book has three main sections; an introduction to the Bach Remedies, giving an overall picture, answering common questions asked about what they are and how they can help us. Also an introduction to me, my place in the scheme of things and why I wrote the book is included. The central section – the heart of the book- gives plentiful information on each of the Flower Remedies individually arranged in an ordered way so you can dip in as well as read through the book. Balance was very important to myself and Joyce Jenkin who contributed to the development of this book’s approach to understanding the Remedies’ qualities. So a lot of work went into establishing the affirming character of each Essence as well as expanding on the issues they may help with, when there is imbalance. This depth of consideration, it is hoped, will assist the reader to attune themselves more easily to the qualities and messages of each Remedy; to make friends and get to know each one. The third section attempts to cover many aspects of the use of the Remedies giving lots of ideas on making choices, diagnosis, consultations for personal as well as professional use. It is a useful aide-memoire for best practice.
Though this book has a great deal of serious content I have attempted to share the information with a light touch. Of course our quality of life, our health and well being are important and have a serious side, yet there are many things that we human beings get up to on our journey that have a funny side and that humour can help relieve tension or bring light to challenging situations. There is no intention, in any way, to be disrespectful to the reader’s individual beliefs.
I am very proud that the book contains beautiful original illustrations by Fiona Williams, for each of the Flower Remedies as well as other colour photograph illustrations. It has been well edited by Faith Warn -good to go- and as yet un-published, but I hope it will soon be available to you. Fiona’s illustrations are designed mandala-like on purpose; they were designed this way in order to create a set of inspirational affirmation cards to go alongside the book. The cards will be particularly useful to refer to alongside the e-book version of the book.
I am currently working to finish the wording for this set of cards.

This site, to network and share my expertise, and my work with Remedies, along with the book when it gets into the public domain are seeds which have been planted, and I await and attend to them as best I can under the guidance of the Head Gardener of the Universe, to flourish, in good time. 🙂