A Question in the Post

The other day I got a short letter from India. I thought you might like to check it out. These simple questions are so hard to answer in words….without a book!And you know me….never very good at the short version…

His question:
”Good afternoons maidem
Please reply my question.
What is type remedy?
How know someone type remedy?”
Pankaj kumar
Bihar india

My Answer:
Hello Pankaj,
Thank you for your question. I can see your English is not so strong, but I hope you understand more words than you express yourself!
What you ask is a BIG question, so I think I will make it, with my reply to you into a post on my web site, for others to share. I hope you are OK with that.

The central 12 Remedies of the 38 in Dr. Bach’s set of Flower Remedies are called the Twelve Healers: he gave them that collective name and retained it, though later discovering another 26. These 12 are the ones sometimes referred to as ‘Type’ Remedies. Also referred to as soul remedies, ‘being’ remedies.
In his journey of discovering the Remedies in the early 1930’s, Dr Bach initially searched the vibrations of nature for plants that resonated with 12 types of individual he had distinguished from years of observation and treatment of patients – people- in his work, indeed his life. He had noticed that there were patterns of behaviour, body language, gestures each of us have beyond the physical, mental or spiritual ailments we may suffer from. That is to say that in some ways our characters come as a ‘package’! Through experience gained working with homoeopathic principles added to his orthodox medical training, Dr Bach was very aware of vibrations, and how they exist, flow and change. He was also an extremely sensitive person; acutely aware of another’s mood, pain, sadness. Thus he could attune himself to the vibration of these states and experiment with healing them, by tuning in to other potent vibrations. His belief was the answers were to be found in Nature, in natural medicines and so that is where he researched. The work he did before the Twelve Healers were complete, prepared and tested as the Flower Essences we know and use today took about three years to complete. All that hard work on his part means we do not have to struggle but can take advantage of their availability and ease of use. Essentially they are simple….and profound.

I believe we each have all the energies of all the remedies within our energetic, emotional feeling make-up. Coursing through us daily in different balances and expressions.
There are many who will say ‘I am this or that type’ in a way that sets their character and gives no room for flexibility and change, and growth!
Do you understand where I am coming from here?
In our human minds, our left brain likes logic, clear answers – to put things in boxes. BUT, we are much more than this. To be boxed up could mean suffocation.
Though it means the process of selecting Remedies is less certain from the outset, demanding a little more consideration by us, there is an important freedom gained which often proves a delight and joy in using them.

Back to answering your question on ‘How to know which type remedy you are’.
The Twelve have different qualities, different characters that express different aspects of the being. Their quality, distinct from the other remedies is that they seem to relate to a way of being or a perspective or interest in life, that is part of our individuality without any apparent outside influence. You may identify easily with one or maybe a few of the Type remedies while others seem quite ‘foreign’. If you decide to work more with the Remedies i can guarantee you will be given the opportunity to understand all 38, and especially the 12!

So, for a few examples;
Clematis is the dreamer, the creative aspect in us. A person with a strong Clematis energy might be an artist, a designer, may day-dream, may be vague sometimes, like to have a head buried in a book. Though these are obvious signs, all of us will have ways of expressing our Clematis energy as our personalities interests and tastes dictate, and if we don’t find outlets the energy can get quite heavy and oppressive! So, to pick up if someone needs to take the flower Remedy the number one signal is usually that they are not grounded spacey, head-in-the-clouds…

Impatiens wants things done NOW, or rather in his or her own time. We don’t want to wait, we rush ahead, sometimes tripping over ourselves. Impatiens energy is all about timing. The speed of thought is not fast enough sometimes for Impatiens. In balance it is a wise, thorough patient achiever. You will know if you have Impatiens tendencies if you don’t wait to find out the answer to this!

Water Violet energy is quiet and self-contained. Such people can be difficult to read as they seem distant and set apart, proud. They have a self-sufficiency and usually love their own company, being in Nature, quiet. They instinctively create distance, more for self- protection than from intolerance of others’ ways. They cherish high values of their own. They are usually very good listeners and give wise counsel as they are good at emotional detachment. Being on the inside of Water Violet the person often feels alien, like no-one understands them which can enforce feelings of isolation.

You may already pick up some familiar aspects you have yourself or recognise in others, from these three. There a nine more, so have a look and see which is closest to how you feel and act in your everyday life. I repeat that you may feel more than one matches how you are, and that these can change from time to time, so stay flexible if you can……All good fun!

I hope this helps to answer you. All the best.