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Healing with Bach Flowers was created to share my knowledge of the Bach Flower Remedies, gained over many years, as well as my love and enthusiasm for them and what they can do. I had a privileged personal connection from childhood, with the Work of The Bach Remedies in the world as my mother Nickie Murray found out about them and joined the Work at the Bach Centre in the early 1960’s. I am now independent of any organisation. I am willing to work and consult with others. I have taught about the Remedies in various ways and offered consultations. Over the last 25 years my studies, understanding and teaching broadened, with some new perspectives on the Remedies’ qualities, potential and application gained in the process. All this work needed writing down to become clearer and shared; my completed book will be published when the time is right. Until then, I offer here some insights, to stimulate ideas on how you can understand and work with these beautiful healing tools.

In case they need an introduction, The Bach Flower Remedies are a set of 38 liquid essences prepared using simple methods from natural ingredients supporting the energetic healing message from specific plants and trees.
The Remedies were discovered by Dr Edward Bach and brought together by him as a complete system of healing in the early 1930’s. His immense knowledge and understanding of the ‘human condition’ through years of experience working as a Doctor, surgeon and in his own medical research underpinned his conviction to look to nature for solutions to aspects of human suffering.
The remedies are usually used as diluted drops, of a single Remedy, but more often, several used together for treatment. They can benefit the process of healing in many ways; to bring understanding and calm, to restore balance, to sooth and to strengthen. In the course of our lives we may suffer severe pain and suffering where the cause may issue from physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and/or social sources. Issues might arise from our own behaviour and life-style, via accidental events, from other people’s influence or circumstances, or from the environment of our home or work. Some disturbances to our happiness may be short lived and some events or issues can be with us for many years. Whatever the issue however, it is how we respond and feel towards it that can affect the quality of our life thereafter. The
Bach Remedies are important healing tools to help with coping, understanding, processing what is going on for us – helping to make changes.


When you want to make changes in your life, Bach Remedies can help you to achieve your goals in a harmonious way to bring more contentment, enjoyment, understanding and encouragement.


This system of healing is simple. It is also profound. Bach Remedies, carefully selected can help bring effective help, even to the most challenging and apparently ‘stuck’ situations.


Bach Remedies can ‘multi-task’, in their use, in that each Flower Remedy vibration can resonate with many different qualities of us as unique individuals, and, used in combination, they can adapt to fit our specific requirements; both in a detailed diagnosis or in general terms of mood and feeling. This is one area where I can help illustrate different perspectives, so you ‘know’ their energies more clearly.


Self-empowerment is a natural effect of the clarifying and strengthening results of working with Bach Remedies.


You can start to use them as soon as you like; you cannot do harm with them. It is good to find out a little, read about them, ask questions, so you can obtain the best results. They are effective in both on-going every day situations as well as in a crisis. They are adaptable to many situations from space clearing, for babies and children, family dynamics to the working environment, our plants and pets.


Bach Remedies offer practical, speedy and efficient help, accessing and often aiding healing in aspects of you and your life you might not expect. When the healing changes take place, at the right time for you, there is more space for you to be who you truly are.


Within each and every one of us is a concept of perfection, yet each of us have both our gifts and challenges. We often focus on what is ‘wrong’ with us and our failings. To use Bach Flower Remedies effectively it helps to hold to the positive whilst being as clear and truthful about the ‘problem’ as we are able, where we have issues or ‘no-go’ areas. We select the Remedies we consider relevant and ask them to help us with the clearing and alignment needed to restore and re-balance ourselves that can lead to the healing for ourselves and those around us.


So, look around the site, find out more, or ask me questions – I am more than happy to help, if I can.

Best wishes,

Julie Murray