Retreat Workshop in Greece

Entitled “Everyday Healing with Bach Flower Remedies” Workshop Dates 23-30 June 2017

To be held at the Kissos centre of Kalikalos Holistic Centre in the Pelion area of Greece. The cost will be 600-450€ depending on the accommodation you choose for the week and includes the tuition and most meals; there is a communal feel to the place and a few hours help is asked of you for this during the week as well as trips to the beach. It is not luxury, but Greece in summer is a simple luxury in itself, and this is very affordable so I hope you can join me.
For details and to book go to where you can find all the details for the Centre as well as locate this workshop.

My sister Wendy took this shot last September; informal like I prefer to be, on the warm evening sand in Crete, Greece…
I look forward to us having a good week together learning sharing laughing, and whatever else may come about.
Finding the workshop promoted on this site, you can be sure we are talking Bach Flower Remedies, Healing, Feeling the best we can be, Being the best we can be.
I chose the title “Everyday Healing” as one needed to be there but I could have used Radical Healing, just as truthfully.
I will have said it elsewhere, but Bach Flower Remedies are Tools for Change.
Tools for positive change; and they have two qualities that are really useful when we ask for change in our lives. They harmless, in that they will not have ill effects should we take the ‘wrong’ remedies, and they are powerful and subtle in the help they give when ‘correct’ for us.
Before I launch off into my passion – leave it until we meet, let me just give you a sense of what we can work on with our time together.

Remedies Books bottles – the Tool kit]
Here we have bits and pieces we use for the practical part of Bach Remedies. We will have the opportunity to try our selecting and using the Bach Remedies during our time together. Even over a few days, you may well feel a difference and at the very least you will have a wider perspective on how any quest for positive change and growth can be approached. Central to the work is the set of 38 Flower Remedies.
[caption id="attachment_577" align="alignright" width="150"]Easter-tide]
And here, we have Olive flowers – one of the raw materials! With any luck we will be able to visit a few Remedy plants growing around locally. I love connecting the convenient potent drops in bottles with the plant power of mother Nature that they are derived from. Feeling into the energies or vibrations of these wonderful tools are part of the magic of learning about them. My hope is these friends of mine will become friends of yours.
I will have a information for you and there is a lot we can cover but I assure you each of you will have time to share yourself, ask questions, follow your own journey, so to speak.
[caption id="attachment_575" align="alignright" width="150"] OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I leave you with an abstract image of well-spring water, bubbling up through the rocks from the darkness, into the light. The flow of life, the life force.
Please be in touch. If you are drawn do come and join the workshop.
It could well change your Life 🙂
I am happy for you to engage with me beforehand, especially once you have signed up. This is so I can estimate where everyone is in their knowledge so far and we can get the most out of our time together.
Looking forward to it!
Julie x